Photo Tours in Mexico 

Take stunning images of your travels with a professional photographer who will bring you to the most fascinating places and guide you to take your best possible shots.


Book your tour and bring your DSLR,  point-and-shoot, or your camera phone. Sandra will show you how to make the most of your camera, how to compose great shots, and give you helpful tips and tricks to make your photos shine and look professional. She will also teach you how to process your photos with simple filters and a few easy edits. 


You can read one of Sandra's articles where she gives tips about taking great travel photos with your iPhone.

Individual or group tours available. 

Tour packages available or customize your own. 

Take those amazing photos that you will be proud to show and post!


Puerto Escondido

Discover the tropical hidden port and take photos of the fishermen, the traditional local market, baby turtle releases, and the amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.




Oaxaca City

Let yourself be guided through the colorful streets of Oaxaca and discover the unique architecture, markets, and street art that makes Oaxaca so magical.




Mexico City

Mexico City is a design lover's paradise. Stroll through the streets of Roma or do some people watching in Centro Historico.