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The Making of OCÉANO 56 Fish Tacos and Bar

Updated: May 4, 2018

Text and photos: Sandra Roussy

This integral interior design project is making a complete transformation of an existing shop located on one of the most crowded foodie streets in Puerto Escondido. This street is known for its excellent restaurants that offer great quality and an abundant variety of approaches to food and gastronomy.

Rafa Alvarado, executive chef and owner of OCEÁNO 56, distinguished himself as a very versatile chef locally through the years. He is also known for being creative and exceptional in his gastronomical visions. With his new project, he is suggesting a simple approach using seafood and tortilla as base elements for his dishes.

Rafa hired us to design and develop the integral design for OCEÁNO 56. We decided to approach the project as an ode to Rafa’s flair for food and also to his vibrant personality.

Wood, clay, and fire were the main elements and building components involved in this homogeneous project full of textures.

OCEÁNO 56 was designed to be a fun and stand-out place. With this being our viewpoint, it is a perfect setting with an amazing atmosphere where chef Alvarado's creations can be excellently prepared and the clients can have a very unique experience blending in a lot of senses all at once.

Another great Project by FACTOTUM Arquitectura & Diseño


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